Web Design Trends For 2017

Technology improvements are among the aspects that mark each New Year and 2017 is no exception. The transition to online business has rendered website an important component for companies. This has seen the development of web design trends that suit both the companies and the expected web visitors. In 2016, there was a revolution towards a minimalist approach of the designs with an aim of convenience and user experience. The main design trends expected for the 2017 include the following:

Originality and Typography

With the shift of consumers geared towards specialization and uniqueness, Brands will have to refrain from using stock content on their websites. Recently, the websites that utilize personalized illustrations to explain the site’s themes are recording higher conversion rates. The video and photography work will have more originality with personalized messages to advertise the Brands. The web designers are focusing on trends that will attract the customers including use of cartoons and comic episodes.

design example

The Minimalist Approach

In an effort to capture the visitor’s attention, call-to-action tabs will replace the homepages. From these tabs, website users can click the preferred tab instead of having to read all the homepage content. For this website trend, micro-mini interactions together with image illustrations will favor the ease of use of the websites. Instead of the multiple functions on the pages, a few links with short description should serve the visitors. In addition, the detailed approach of the interactions will call for specializations between the apps and services on offer.

User Interface and User Experience

Although this has been the focus in the past years, the revolution in user convenience is dynamic and keeps shifting. For 2017, web designers should opt for a high-tech design, which is responsive. The technological awareness amongst the population is increasing and this directs the designers to develop new but acceptable designs. Another approach for web designing is compatibility with both the mobile devices and PCs. On the website owners’ side, investing in a dynamic design that is compatible with both of these orientations will be more effective than having multiple distinct designs.

Video Trends

Due to the increased access to Internet connections, most of the people seem to enjoy content from videos rather than in writing. From 2014, there was an increased use of videos in company websites to represent advertise their products. However, the latest trends include additional chat bots that allows a personalized conversation with the website owners. 2017 should see more yields from videos upload especially for animated sites where the owners post original and up to date content.

The Return of Material Designs

Since their introduction in 2014, flat designs have seen little use in websites. Designers had been focusing on complexity as a show of professionalism. However, with the transition to simplicity of designs, material designs should trend in 2017. In 2016, most of the sites with a simple web designs have had, the highest conversion rates and percentages compared to those with heavy colourings and complex interfaces.

Data Analysis and Insights

Brand competitions in terms of statistics are among the upcoming web design trends. While the visitors will focus on only what they can understand, data insights help the owners detect the performance of the specific site. In the past, the number of visitors defined the success of a site. However, data insights provide a comprehensive analysis of each of the site components citing the areas that needs improvement or elimination. All these depend on the basic web designing strategy used. The designers will focus more on the yielding versus engagement of the websites.

Mobile Web Designing

Although this has been the case in the past few years, 2017 could see all the web designs going mobile. With mobile web designing, the contents and icons used are more specific and detailed due to the smaller displays on these devices. This means that the designers will have to develop a site that has engaging platforms with all the necessary information in place. Instead of the designers using the desktop versions to develop mobile versions, web design trends might see the vice versa happening in 2017.

Wrap Up

The rapid growth in web designing is proving enough that 2017 will be a year of innovations and renovations. With most of the companies going online, web designer trends will keep improving to favor both the website owners and the visitors. Generally, the more convenient the web design is to the visitor, the higher the chances of converting them into customers.