Web design service

Bespoke web design comes in many shapes and sizes and means many things to many people so we thought a bit of clarity about what we do on this page might help you.
Bespoke design service we offer then are as follows:-
Brand design/creation
You maybe have a brand that needs a refresh, or you have a brand that needs creation from inception and across your entire client touch points. You have investigated template design and/or off the shelf designs and have concluded that they are not for you as you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. We have the people, experience, track record and ‘Digital battle scars’ for over 15 years in the online community to tell you in plan, simple and effective terms what works from research and experienced gained with 10000+ website project we have reviewed/worked upon over the last 15 years.
Website development
We can work with open source CMS systems, proprietary CMS systems all the Java, .Net, Websphere and SQL technology families.
We have experience of delivering websites, CRM, E Commerce and more. Our approach is collaborative, consultative and follow clear and defined delivery paths with involvements of the client at all stages.
Our service can be provided on a project-by-project basis and or we can work on an Outsourcing/Near-sourcing basis.
Intranet development
Much like wed development projects we can transfer our skills to intra net solutions/development. We have worked on various industry projects of this type and quite a few, which have been HR, related.
Website code maintenance/updating
Some times relationships with suppliers fail and leave you with unsupported code, we can help to preserve your code and then work with you on a short, medium or long term basis to maintain that code and/or support it while you recruit suitable replacements possibly in-house.
Why work with us?
It may sound glib to say but we have a 97% client retention rate since we started our business in 2000, we also have 3rd party suppliers who use our own CMS system WebGrasp who we have worked with for ten years or more.
What that stability confirms is that we are a firm that you can trust to do the right job now and over time, time being something that can ruin all relationships if your suppliers are not as motivated as we are.